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Roof Maintenance Programs:


Perform a complete examination of your roof which includes cleaning debris from the roof.  Using our extensive checklist, we will inspect all critical areas of the roof needing attention.  We then clean your roof of debris that may be hindering proper drainage and performance.

Make minor repairs to your roof as soon as they are discovered.  We'll repair any minor deficiencies per the maintenance agreement that are preventing proper roof performance.  All findings will then be reported back to you and provided with a detailed report completed with diagram, analysis and photos.

If needed, we will prepare an estimate for work required beyond minor repairs to restore your roof to acceptable roofing standards.  The work will be completed with written approval.  We will account for all work performed on your roof in a printed report including photos.

After initial inspection and restoration of your roof, we will examine your roof every two, three or six months depending on the program you choose to:

  • Inspect 
  • Clean
  • Repair
  • Report 
  • Restore

AKW Construction & Roofing also works for the homeowner.  We represent the homeowner in the negotiation process with their insurance carrier.  Many people are unaware of what type of policy they have until it comes time to file a claim.  Our goal is to help the homeowner through the process to insure they get the funds they are entitled to and return their home to pre-storm condition, if not better.  We are accustomed to working directly with the adjusters. AKW Construction & Roofing uses the same pricing software used by many insurance carriers. Most of the time, the homeowner is only responsible for their deductible.

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Welcome to the Glossary of Roofing Terms
Key Danger Signals of a Failing Roof

A roof is a building's most valuable asset.  Not only does it protect the building, it safeguards the valuables within it.  Many owners, whether home or building, don't think about the roof over their head until a problem occurs.  Preventing problems through proper maintenance keeps small issues from becoming larger ones and helps predict areas of the roof that may soon need servicing.  Properly maintaining a roof will prolong its life and delay the inevitable - replacement.​