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8 Roof Warning Signs

Is your roof starting to look suspicious? There are some clues that can help you determine if your roof needs repairing or replacing. Read on to determine the state of your roof and whether you should consider calling AKW Roofing for roofing repair in Tulsa, OK.

Shingles are Curled, Cracked or Missing

Loose or missing shingles can be the start of leaks, they can expose your home to damage and a range of other issues. As a roof ages, the wood can begins to curl or split and tile sometimes cracks. Any type of split or hole in a roof can lead to leaks.

Worn Areas

If your roof has dark spots or looks consistently dirty it’s a sign that your roof may be nearing the end of its life. Dark spots may signal that there’s algae or mold present in the structure or on the surface of your roof.

Water Damage

That telltale ring on your ceiling is a well-known sign of roof damage. If your walls or ceiling are damp, the structure and trusses of your home may have started to rot. Your roof could have a hole or leak or there could be a ventilation problem present.


Age may be the best indicator of whether or not you need a new roof. Roofs over 20 years old should be inspected because there is a good chance that weather and age have damaged it.

Bubbled Paint

Blistered or bubbled paint on your home’s interior can indicate that there is humidity in your home. If the room with blistered paint is not a bathroom or naturally damp room, there is a chance that water is seeping in through a damaged roof.

Sun Coming Through

Sunlight coming through a wall or ceiling where there is not a window is a solid indicator that there is a hole in your roof.

Your Roof is Sagging

If your roof is old or sagging, it is most likely weaker than it should be. If it’s a relatively new roof, there’s a chance that it wasn’t installed correctly. If you live somewhere with heavy snowfall, a buildup of snow can lead to a sagging roof. Regardless of how your roof began to sag, it’s important to act quickly before it collapses.

There are Shingle Granules in Your Gutter

When shingles get old, they begin to lose the granules that make them up. If you start to see a build-up of granules in your gutters, there are enough shingles aging that you should have your roof looked at by a professional.

Call AKW Roofing Today

If any of these signs look familiar to you, give the professionals at AKW Roofing a call. Our skilled and insured team can speak with you and decide on the best plan of action. Call us today!