It's not always obvious when you need a new roof. Unless the roof collapses or catches fire, you might not even notice. While changing out a few shingles is a quick fix, it's just a temporary solution.

Here are some definite signs that you need a new roof:

The roof is old

Roofs typically come with 20-year warranties, so if yours hasn't been replaced in over two decades, it's time to consider getting a new one. Like everything, roofs wear out.

It looks bad from the street

Your home's curb appeal is important to its value. Don't let the roof detract from that appeal. Stand on the street and check for areas of disrepair, widespread streaking on shingles or worn areas around chimneys and vents.

The shingles are unsightly

You should also conduct a close-up examination of the shingles. If many appear wet, stained, curled, bent, broken or darker than normal, consider replacing all of them.

There are granules everywhere

As shingles deteriorate, they break off in small pieces that look like dark, coarse sand. If you see granules in your gutters, yard and landscaping, they're probably coming from your roof.

There is staining, peeling or bubbling paint

A leaky roof can cause exterior paint to deteriorate around the roofline. It can also seep into your home's walls and stain them.

The roofing deck looks bad

The deck of your roof consists of the support beams that hold the shingles and roof up. When these beams are sagging or show evidence of moisture damage, you should replace both the shingles and roof deck.

The roof leaks into your attic

You might see signs of water inside your attic after a rainstorm or when snow melts. Your roof can also leak light. If you can see inside your attic without a light, it might be time for roof replacement.

Rising energy bills

A proper roof is a good insulator against heat and cold invading your home. When the roof doesn't do its job, you'll notice increasing utility bills. This is because your air conditioner or heater is working harder to maintain and a comfortable temperature.

Publish Date: 12/20/2016

Signs You Need a New Roof

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