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Publish Date: 1/23/2017

Publish Date: 4/07/2017

The average snowfall in Oklahoma is roughly 6 to 12 inches of a snow per winter season. While it varies from year to year, you can always expect some amount of pesky ice and snow to sweep over the Tulsa area. While the snow is pretty, it can damage your roof when paired with ice. Frozen water in your gutters can create ice dams that expand the structure and trap debris in your gutter, keeping it clogged.

The pitch of your roof has an effect on how easily snow and ice come off your roof. High pitched roofs are great at letting snow slip of the surface, but aren't good for high wind regions like Oklahoma. On the other hand flatter roofs are best for windy areas, but can keep snow trapped in gutters. That's where heated roof cables come in.

What are Heated Roof Cables?

Heated roof cables, also called heat tape, perform a number of functions to keep your roof and gutters healthy. They prevent roof damage and leaking, keep gutters and downspouts flowing, stop ice dams and only require a little energy to power. Once your roof is covered in snow, simply plug in the cable to begin heating your roof.

Roofs with poor ventilation need heated roof cables most. When hot air rises out of your house in the winter, it becomes trapped under your roof. While this melts the snow above, the runoff water refreezes in the gutters once the temperature drops at night. A heated roof cable will keep a steady heat flow circulating to prevent frozen gutters and drain systems.

Professional Installation

Due to the dangerous nature of installation, heated roof cables work best when installed by a professional like those at AKW Roofing. Call us today for a quote or help installing heated roof cables. Our roofing professionals can also help you and your home with poor ventilation to prevent other issues.

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